Is the Old or the New Logo Better?

Is the Old or the New Logo Better?

When it comes to logos, there are often debates about whether the old or the new version is better. One such example is the Apple logo. Some people argue that the old logo, which had a small apple hidden in it, is more interesting and has a sense of nostalgia. However, many others prefer the new logo, which is iconic and instantly recognizable.

Similarly, the Windows logo also sparks discussions. The old logo, with its four-colored window, is often associated with the brand. On the other hand, the new logo, with a smaller window and a simplified design, is considered more modern and sleek.

Moving on to another famous logo, Lego’s red logo is loved by many. It brings back memories of building Lego sets and has a strong brand presence. However, opinions may differ on whether the old or new logo is preferable.

As for Twitter, the logo transitioned from a bird with a speech bubble to a simple, modern design. Some people may prefer the old logo for its playfulness, while others appreciate the clean and minimalist look of the new logo.

In the end, the preference for old or new logos often comes down to personal taste and nostalgia. Whether it’s a small apple in the old Apple logo or the iconic design of the new logo, each has its own charm. What logo do you prefer? Let us know by clicking the subscribe button if you prefer the old Twitter logo or the like button for the new one!

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